Malaga garden

They were first created in the 1850's by Amalia Heredia Livermore, granddaughter of an English consul and wife of Jorge Loring, one of the outstanding businessmen of the time.They collected trees and plants from all corners of the world and in 1943 the Botanical Gardens Malaga were declared a garden of historic and artistic merit.However although the gardens have long been recognized as a site of interntional interest they where only opened to the public in 1994.

The collection consists of species such as Moraces, Australian trees that stand out for their spurry trunks, and roots that hang from their branches and take root in the soil. The Chilean Palm is also notable as one of the four finest examples of its species in Spain. Chinese orange blossom, privet, young almeces, dwarf palms and south African species such as Bird of Paradise are also to be found. In addition, there is the dwarf date, which is one of the most elegant examples from South East Asia.

Finally, there is no better way to round off your visit to these magnificent gardens than by strolling through the Paseo de las Palmeras de Canarias (The Canarian Palm Tree Walk) which leads to the viewpoint and the discovery of the unforgettable panorama of Málaga offered from the gardens of La Concepción.

Outside the botanical garden a new route has been developed. Around the World in 80 Trees is an amazing variety of trees from all five countries arranged according to their country of origin. There are 25 from the continent of America, 8 from Africa, 18 from Europe, 17 from Asia, and 12 from Oceania.

Diversity of Flora

The diversity of the flora reaches over 2000 species where we must highlight the grove with a few specimens of over 100 years old. Amongst it the subtropical species stand out, like a collection of palm trees, the best in Europe, that has unique specimens of great size, as well as water plants.

The plant species present in the park come from Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Some of the species we’ll find there are:

Palm trees.
Water plants.
Primitive plants.
Mediterranean flora.
Plants in Our Land.
Fruit trees.
Citrus fruit trees.
Bamboo trees.

Diversity of birds in the botanical garden

There is a wide diversity of bird species in the park, some of them are habitual while others only fly over it or have been spotted at some point. This park is undoubtedly the ideal place for the ornithologists:

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Carretera de las Pedrizas, s/n (A-45, Km 166) - 29014, Málaga.

+34 952 25 21 48.
+34 952 25 07 45.

Opening Hours (Tuesday to Sunday):
From 1st Abril to 30th September: 09:30 h - 20:30 h.
From 1st October to 31st March: 09:30 h - 17:30 h.
Closed the 25th of December and the 1st of January.

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